Virginia Street Rapid Extension Update

Greetings Stakeholders,

Here’s a status update on where we are with the Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension project. The project team is currently working towards Environmental and Historic Resources clearance with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office to consider the effects of the project as defined by the City of Reno Council and RTC Board. Until such clearances are obtained by FTA and other regulatory agencies, RTC is prohibited from developing the project beyond preliminary design. RTC continues to develop design aspects which address environmental and historic resources concerns. This level of design does not include aesthetics and contextual elements (such as landscape amenities and street furniture). When RTC receives Environmental and Historic Resources clearance, RTC will re-engage the public and stakeholders to participate in providing input on preferences of streetscape design and details.

RTC expects the Environmental and Historic Resources clearance in the September 2016 time frame. The project remains on schedule for a 2018 construction start.

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