RTC Resumes Virginia Street Utility Exploration Update

Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. (SNC) has completed the utility exploration work near the University of Nevada, Reno on North Virginia Street between Maple Street and Lawlor Events Center. The remaining utility exploration in Midtown, which is located in the northbound lanes of South Virginia Street from the Mary/Center Street intersection to Liberty Street and the project side streets, will resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 and is anticipated to be completed by Wednesday afternoon, January 11, 2017.

Businesses in Midtown will remain open and accessible throughout the work and advance notification will be made for any driveway closures.

Throughout the work, one travel lane will be maintained in each direction as well as left turn lanes at major signalized intersections. Driveway closures of one hour or more are possible during construction activities. The RTC and SNC will be working closely with nearby residents and businesses to inform them about the utility work, and businesses will remain accessible. Anyone whose driveway will be closed temporarily to complete the work will also receive 18 to 24 hours notice and the closure will be of short duration.

If you have any questions or wish for additional information, you may contact the following:
·Mitch Grayson, Project Superintendent – SNC (775) 355-0420
·Dan LeBlanc, Project Manager – SNC (775) 355-0420
·Doug Maloy, Project Manager – RTC (775) 335-1865

Please access this link www.virginiastreetrapidextension.com to sign up for project updates which will be emailed to you.