Pardon our dust as we transform the Midtown neighborhood.

Construction Information:

The RTC will begin the first phase of construction on the Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension Project on September 4, 2018. During construction, Virginia Street will be open to one lane of southbound traffic between Plumb Lane and Liberty Street. Northbound traffic will be detoured. The RTC will continue to provide access to all businesses on Virginia Street during construction.

Project Information

The Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension Project is an $80-million investment in our community that will create connectivity between Midtown Reno and the University of Nevada, Reno, and will support economic development, enhance safety, and improve livability in the corridor. The project addresses critical transportation needs including improving transit connectivity, efficiency, and timeliness through connecting RAPID to the University of Nevada, Reno, improving safety for all modes, correcting ADA sidewalk deficiencies, improving traffic operations and beautifying the corridor. The project is funded with fuel tax, federal and private funds.

Business Support Program:

The RTC encourages the community to support local businesses during construction. We have a lot of fun events and business-patronage opportunities planned, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get involved!

We want to be successful together during construction. The RTC will also create incentives to attract people to Midtown during construction. Businesses can participate in the business support program by calling (775) 300-1848 or emailing virginiastreetrapidextension@ncenet.com to be included. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO PARTCIPATE.  Below are some of the strategies we are considering.

The project team will:

  1. Purchase gift cards from Midtown businesses to distribute to crews, stakeholders and the community.
  2. Sponsor community gatherings (lunches, coffee, happy hour etc.) at Midtown locations.
  3. Partner with Midtown District Reno Merchant Association for member incentives.
  4. Partner with Midtown District Reno Merchant Association for coordinated activities, messaging and business support.
  5. Develop creative signage for Midtown.
  6. Invest in paid advertising to support Midtown.
  7. Coordinate cooperative advertising opportunities for Midtown.
  8. Provide business workshops featuring subject matter experts (social media, marketing, database development, community resources).
  9. Patronize businesses for project related goods and services.
  10. Develop (or partner with an existing) Midtown specific special event per month (August to November) and purchase food, beverage, supplies from Midtown businesses.
  11. Provide business-specific access signage. We will create signs with your business logo included. Please email your logo to virginiastreetrapidextension@ncenet.com as soon as possible to be included.
  12. Create business-specific project materials (maps, signage, detours, project information).

Project Timeline:

  • September 4, 2018 – Construction on Phase 1 begins with one-way, southbound traffic only on Virginia Street between Plumb Lane and Liberty Street
  • Spring 2019 – Phase 1 will be completed, two way traffic will be reopened on Virginia Street.
  • Spring/Summer 2019: Phase 2 of the project will begin, lane closures on portions of Virginia Street while crews pave, install lighting, ADA-compliant sidewalks and new landscaping.
  • Summer/Fall 2020: Project will be completed and the RTC will launch its new Bus RAPID Transit Extension service, connecting Midtown Reno, Downtown Reno and eventually UNR.

Midtown Project Maps:

South Virginia - Liberty Street to Center Street
South Virginia – Center Street to Plumb Lane


The first phase of construction will upgrade much-needed, aging utility infrastructure and relocate utilities, including AT&T, Charter, NV Energy, Verizon, TMWA and storm drains. While these improvements are mostly underground, they are long-lasting and provide a major investment in our community’s infrastructure.

Traffic Control:

The project team developed an accelerated construction schedule, doing 12 months of work in just six months with additional crews. Up to six construction crews will be working simultaneously. We anticipate one lane of southbound traffic on Virginia Street from Plumb Lane to Liberty Street. There will be no northbound traffic in this area. Detours will be in place.

The project team will notify businesses in advance of any construction impacts, including when work will be done out front of each business.

The construction schedule is subject to change, and we will notify you of changes in advance.

The project team is working to develop parking partnerships in the Midtown area. We will provide more information when we have details.

Midtown Residents:
Residents will likely see increased traffic on side streets and potential driveway closures. Construction operations are currently scheduled to take place from Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. – 4 p.m. The project team will keep residents informed of noise and access concerns in advance. Night work may be necessary to decrease impacts to businesses and expedite the project. If needed, night work could occur between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Email Updates:

Sign up for email updates on our homepage.

Contact Us:

It is our commitment to you to be available 24/7 for comments, questions or concerns. Calls to our 24-hour hotline will be returned within one hour.

Call the project hotline: (775) 300-1848.
Email us at: virginiastreetrapidextension@ncenet.com.

Thank you for your patience and partnership as we work together to transform Virginia Street.

Right-Of-Way Acquisitions:

The Project will require the acquisition of a variety of property interests from 151 total parcels for both the North and South Portions of the Project. All right-of-way acquisitions and relocations will comply with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (Uniform Act). The purpose of the Uniform Act is to provide uniform and equitable treatment of all persons displaced from their homes, businesses, or farms and it establishes criteria for proper acquisition and relocation benefit impact.   Please see the acquisition booklet to review the acquisition process.

In the City of Reno, overhead and underground utility lines which exist along the project corridor.  They will need to be relocated due to conflicts with the widened and realigned street improvements.  The lines will be constructed underground per City of Reno ordinances.  Public Utility Easements may be acquired for NV Energy, Charter Communications, AT&T, and Verizon/MCI to construct and maintain utility improvements in these areas.

At some intersections, the roadway improvements, mostly sidewalk and pedestrian ramps, extend beyond the right of way.  Permanent Easements would be acquired to construct and maintain the improvements in these areas. Temporary Construction Easements will also be required to allow area for the contractor to construct improvements located within the Permanent Easement or within the City of Reno Public Right-of-Way.  The majority of easements being requested of property owners for this project are temporary construction easements.

An agreement for construction outside of right of way (Permission to Construct) will be requested when there is a need to enter upon private lands to construct a feature for the use and benefit of the landowner.  Eliminating the owner’s Permission to Construct features would not hinder the construction of the project.  Examples are areas required to rebuild an owner’s driveway approach, transitional asphalt patching, reconstruction of private sidewalks and rerouting of personal utility service connections resulting from the relocations of overhead utility lines to underground.

Efforts were made, within reason, to contain the project within the existing right of way.  In the South Virginia Street section of the Project, one full-parcel land acquisition is proposed at Mary Street/Center Street on the west side of South Virginia Street for roundabout improvements. In the North Virginia Street section of the Project, five full-parcel land acquisitions are proposed between 8th Street and 9th Street on the east side of North Virginia Street for the RAPID transit station and pedestrian improvements.

All right-of-way acquisitions and relocations will comply with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (Uniform Act), 49 CFR Part 24, FTA  C, 5010.1E, and all applicable Nevada Revised Statutes.  The purpose of the Uniform Act is to provide uniform and equitable treatment of all persons displaced from their homes, businesses, or farms and it establishes criteria for proper acquisition and relocation benefit impacts. For those properties that will be acquired in whole, the Uniform Act requires that persons to be displaced be provided with information they will need to minimize the disruption of moving and maximize the likelihood of a successful relocation.  Relocation assistance payments are designed to compensate displaced persons for costs that are the result of acquisition of the property upon which they reside.  Please see the relocation booklet to review the relocation process. Efforts will be made to relocate persons in affected dwelling units and businesses within or near the community in which they currently reside.  All efforts will be made so that those displaced will be afforded properties that are comparable in size, safety, sanitary conditions, and overall decency and functionality as those being acquired.  At the beginning of the right-of-way acquisition process, investigation of the special needs of all parties being relocated or selling a portion of their land will be provided, with the goal being to accommodate these special needs, as required.