Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension Project Construction Information

Construction Begins Soon!

Construction is anticipated to be complete in three phases:

  1. Midtown Utility Improvements
  2. Midtown Roadway Improvements
  3. UNR Improvements

Project Map with segments, schedule, improvements, traffic impacts

Construction Photos (COMING SOON...)

Virginia Street Improvement Project Business Support Program
The RTC/SNC project team is dedicated to supporting businesses during construction. We will host several events and frequent businesses as a project team during construction. We will also create incentives to attract people to Midtown during construction. To participate, simply call 775-300-1848 or email VIRGINIASTREETRAPIDEXTENSION@NCENET.COM and your business will be included. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO PARTICIPATE. Below are some of the strategies we are considering.

The RTC/SNC team will:

  1. Purchase gift cards from Midtown businesses to distribute to crews, stakeholders and the community.
  2. Sponsor community gatherings (lunches, coffee, happy hour etc.) at Midtown locations.
  3. Develop creative signage for Midtown.
  4. Invest in paid advertising to support Midtown.
  5. Coordinate cooperative advertising opportunities for Midtown.
  6. Provide business workshops featuring subject matter experts (social media, marketing, database development, community resources).
  7. Patronize businesses for project related goods and services.
  8. Develop (or partner with an existing) Midtown specific special event per month (August to November) and purchase food, beverage, supplies from Midtown businesses.
  9. Provide business specific access signage.
  10. Create business specific project materials (maps, signage, detours, project information).


If you have any questions about construction please call:

  • Mitch Grayson, Project Superintendent – SNC (775) 355-0420
  • Dan LeBlanc, Project Manager – SNC (775) 355-0420
  • Doug Maloy, Project Manager – RTC (775) 335-1865

Stakeholder updates will be distributed weekly or as needed. Please sign up below for project updates.